Happy Holidays!

Here’s wishing everyone a happy holiday season and a new year that’s filled with peace, health, love and prosperity,

American Tent & Table – We’ve Got Them Covered!

Long time client American Tent & Table asked us to update their site.  They were running 2 separate sites – one for desktops and one for mobile devices.  We combined them into one responsive website, based on WordPress.  This allows AT&T to make simple updates/changes themselves without having to incur an additional expense.  We also redesigned their list of Rental Options and Price list using MS Word, so they can easily make changes themselves.

Granite State Computers – Click to visit actual site

More Work

In addition to 2 recent site launches, we’re working on the redesign of a 3rd website for another existing client.  This should launch before the end of the year.  We’re also keeping busy with:

  • a product catalog design
  • a proposed logo redesign
  • site maintenance/updates
  • recurring newsletters and more


2 New Sites

Cogent recently launched 2 new sites. The first was a redesign for an existing client – Granite State Computers. Their site was long overdue for a refresh and we were able to accommodate them quickly.

The second site was for Dan-Kar, a new client that manufactures lab equipment.  Dan-Kar asked us to step in after being abandoned by their previous web developer. After clearing things up, we were able to provide them with a eCommerce site that met all their needs and then some.


Granite State Computers – Click to visit actual site


Dan-Kar – Click to visit actual site

What’s Going On

Maintenance and updates have kept us extremely busy over the past few months. We’re also working with a new manufacturing client to re-do their site.  We’re hoping to have their new site online in early June.

A Sound Redesign

We designed a site for Don Goonan Voiceover/Narration some time ago and were recently asked to update it.  Revisions included making the site mobile friendly and adding tracking code for Google Analytics.  We also added subtle animations to the header and configured Google Analytics to send weekly traffic reports.

dg-site-thumbnailDonGoonan.com – Click to visit actual site


WOW! It’s Been A While!

Sometimes, you get so busy, you forget to take care of the little things – like keeping potential clients informed about what you’ve been doing.  Let’s see if we can remedy that.

Over the last year we’ve been very busy with a variety of projects.  Writing and publishing newsletters for clients is ongoing, as are updates to client sites for a variety of reasons (e.g.: special promotions, new employees, etc.).  Maintenance and support for clients moving to new hosts or resolving domain name issues has also kept us busy.

We’ve updated a few sites – some for design reasons, others to make them mobile compatible.  We also worked closely with strategic partners for a number of months to develop and plan a TV campaign, supported by email marketing and a web landing page.

For details, check out one of the revamped sites below or call/email today!


ic-site-thumbnailImmediate Connections – Click to visit actual site

This New Site & Logo Are Oh So Delizioso!

An existing hospitality client is branching out, so they asked us to design the logo and website for Brelundi – their new restaurant.  We created a visually rich WordPress based site that allows them to add specials whenever they like, along with info about news and events.  Brelundi.com uses Google fonts, and pulls in content from their Instagram account.  The site is also responsive, so mobile users won’t feel left out.  In developing the logo/brand, we created a design that was simple, modern and bold.  We were also careful to incorporate elements that were important to the client’s Sicilian heritage while ensuring that the positioning statement let’s people know exactly what Brelundi offers.  The result is a tasty online treat with Mediterranean flair.


Brelundi – Click to visit actual site

A New Look For VI


Long time client Valuation Insight asked us to come up with a new, fresh look for their site.  We responded with a WordPress-based, responsive design that automatically adjusts for mobile visitors and allows VI to make edits and updates themselves.  Add a dynamic, professional look that matches their industry and they were sold!

Valuation Insight – Click to view actual site

An Elite Launch

On Sept. 2nd 2014, Elite Dance Studio in Foxboro, MA launched the new site we created for them.  It includes links to Google calendars which allow students, parents and instructors to stay on top of what’s happening when.  The site also includes a prominent slider on the home page that showcases Elite’s students and instructors in class and in competition.  A crawling marquee was also included in the site to allow EDC to highlight upcoming events, remind visitors about deadlines and promote specific offerings.  We chose WordPress this time around to allow the client to easily add and edit content.


elite-dance-studioElite Dance Studio Site – Click to view actual site

Busy 2014!

This year has been unexpectedly busy.  Currently, we’re working on a number of projects, including design of a site for a local dance studio, (which should launch very soon), design of a restaurant web site (scheduled for launch in the fall), as well as updates for a number of existing client sites.  Whew!

A Delicious New Look!

McDermott Nutrition, a long-time client, felt it was time to update their site.  They asked us to create a more modern design and add a blog to the site.  We were happy to oblige.  The response?  “I’m so happy with it and thank you so much for making it look wonderful!!!”  Apparently one exclamation point wasn’t enough.



Busy Q1

Q1, as usual, has been busy.  We’ve been working on a number of projects, including newsletters (printed and email versions), re-designing a site for an existing client, creating a new site and logo for another client, plus updating a number of existing sites.  We’ll post some artwork soon, so stay tuned!

Prepping For The New Year

We just finished updating the website for one of our long-time clients* – American Tent & Table.  AT&T is a leading provider of tent rentals and accessories for weddings, parties and events on Cape Cod.  Their business is seasonal, so during the downtime, AT&T reviews their site and makes changes for the coming year.  This time around, we updated a number of items, including images and text associated with their event accessories.  We also tweaked things behind the scenes to help with SEO.


* In partnership with Groppi Advertising Design.


Online Enhancement Via SEO


We’re currently working to enhance the online search results/rankings for one of our long-time customers. SEO is an ongoing process. Many businesses assume it’s a one time thing, but in order to make sure your site shows up when people do a search, and ensure it’s at or near the top of the page, you have to keep at it. The web is constantly changing and search engines are always “tweaking” their algorithms. This means your position within search results may change and their are no guarantees you’ll be ranked highly. So how can you improve your presence within search engines? Contact us today. We’ll be glad to talk with you about it.

Covering All The Bases

American Tent & Table, a long-time client asked us to make some updates to the site we developed for them.  In addition to adding some new images and making some changes to assist with their SEO efforts, we also created a companion mobile site.  This version of their site offers visitors a more mobile-friendly way to discover all the services and benefits American Tent has to offer.  The ATT main site was coded to automatically re-direct mobile users to the new site if their screen size is below a specific width.



ATT Mobile Websiie – Click to view actual site

We’re Helping Chintzy CFO Get Down To Business

We launched ReduceMyOverhead.com in December 2012.  Featuring Chintzy CFO, the site is targeted toward business owners, and provides tips and resources to help companies reduce their overhead.  In addition to designing and developing the web site, we also created the RMO logo and a logo for the client, Kayllan Publishing.  A companion blog for the RMO site and pages for other Kayllan brands were also developed.  These included, ChintzyCFO.com and Kayllan.com.


RMO Website – Click to view actual site

RMO Website – Click to view actual site



No Waste Of Time Here

Today we completed a new site for Tucson Recycling & Waste Services, an Arizona-based provider of waste removal and recycling services.  The client was less than thrilled with the company that hosted and developed their old site and asked us to come in and clean house.   Their response upon completion?

Wow. You worked really hard on this site, and I appreciate it tremendously. Excellent job!

TRWS Website – Click to view actual site

Moving Forward!

Circumstances required F.B. Rich & Sons Moving to acquire a new domain name. While they were at it, they decided their 10 year old previous site just wasn’t cutting it. So they asked Cogent to coordinate the setup of the new hosting account and the design of the new site. To start with, we created a simple 4 segment layout, with areas for images, text, navigation and a header. The clean, simple approach to site navigation and content is a big help and the much improved modern look of the site goes a long way to instilling an image of professionalism and success in the minds of site visitors. With the help of CSS and a little JavaScript here and there, everything came together nicely. F.B.Rich & Sons now has a site that will help them move toward a more productive business future and a happier customer base.


F.B. Rich & Sons Moving

F.B. Rich & Sons Moving – Click to view actual site